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Show your love in many ways!

Want to show me, Kitty Moon, how much you love me? You can send me gifts or contribute.

One way is to surprise me with gifts. These gifts can also help with making more content. You can send gifts via mail (Click Here) or you can use my wishlists to see more of the things I like, need, and/or want.

Amazon Wishlists
Gift Cards
Nerdy stuff
Home, Health & Beauty

Other Wishlists
Delivery Code Wishlist
Crystal Delights Wishlist
Yandy Wishlist
Hot Topic Wishlist
Kitten's Playpen Wishlist

If you don't want to purchase content or if you dont want to Send gifts but you would still like to contribute you can. Here are a few ways.

Currently I am accepting GiftRocket gift cards. For more info on GiftRocket check out their FAQs and the How It Works pages. You can Send a Gift Card to

You can also send me tips on ManyVids or contributions on MyGirlFund. If you chose this method please keep in mind both sites keep about 35% of what I receive and they both have cash out fees.

You can also send virtual Gift Cards like the Visa eGift Card. An Amazon Gift Card works just as well. Any eGift cards can be sent to

You can send contributions via Mail (address here) AT YOUR OWN RISK! It is not illegal to send money through the mail. It's just very risky for many reasons. Like getting lost in the mail or stolen. So if you take this route do it carefully. It's better to use a money order. You don't have to fill out the payee's name (still kinda risky) unless if you want to ensure only that person can cash it but considering you dont know my real name you dont have to fill the payee's name in, just make sure you send it to the correct address.

I am working on accepting other methods like Google Wallet. I absolutely will NOT use Venmo.

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