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August Ames

  On the morning of December 5th 2017 August Ames, born as Mercedes Grabowski on August 23 1994, was found dead in her home. She was a Canadian-American pornstar, and from everything I have see she looked to be a rising star.

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  How did this happen? How can a beautiful adult star die so young? She took her own life. Suicide by hanging.

  Shortly before her death she was in the middle of a very heated battle on twitter. She was defending her own body and her own choices.

  It all started because she simply refused to work with a "crossover".

  But why did she refuse? The best way I can explain it is with this article: "HIV in the straight porn industry, the role of crossover stars"

  It was her body and it was her choice of who she worked with, she had every right to refuse just for the safety of her health.

  Although it is common for performers to refuse to work with "crossover" performers, her post had such a backlash many were attacking her for her personal choices. Including a fellow performer, Jaxton Wheeler, who on the morning she was found dead had tweeted to her:

Jaxton, I do not care if you did not intend to push her over the edge or influence her decision, it doesn't matter what you meant. You said some very harsh things, you are guilty, without a doubt, whether you were upset or not. Your words costs a life, you being upset does not matter now. You can't bring her back or change things. You now have to live with the fact you assisted her suicide along with many others who bullied her. 

  August Ames, should not have been treated so negatively for her choices about her body and who she lets in it. She should not have been bullied. Especially by a ton of low life cunts on Twitter! This was NEVER a subject about homophobia, it was the subject of a woman who refuses to fuck someone who she does not know if he has been recently tested. This was about health and safety in the work place. So all the people who wanted to turn this in to a homophobic topic can take seat, I have something to say, because look at what YOU did? You attacked and bullied someone over something else, over something so stupid that you can not even comprehend what you are arguing about. 

  These tweets along with many more happened over just a couple of short days before August made her last and final tweet to the internet and people who was taking part in bashing her over her choices. This was her final tweet before being found dead less than 24 hours after.

  Even though she cared about her health and concerned about her sexual wellness the care or concern was not great enough to defeat all the shaming she received, which resulted in her taking her own life. 

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  Twitter bullying, online bullying, slut shaming, all of it needs to STOP. Who are YOU to judge a girl who makes a living for herself, even if it uses her body. I see this terrible shit all the time. Camgirls and performers being bullied and treated harshly for our choices. I've seen BBW girls get fat shamed, I've seen black girls get mistreated just because of their skin color.
But people also do not realize it is also the black girls fucking gorgeous skin that glows exotically causing men to be speechless, and its the BBW confidence that out shines even the sun that has men drooling. Just because someone is not something everyone wants doesn't mean they should be treated like trash. So fuck all of the people who want to bully and degrade us just because we ARE on the internet. We are not on the internet for you to humiliate, if you want to humiliate us at least do it in a professional (since humiliation is a fetish) manner, contact us before hand to discuss the humiliation in a nice normal way before hand, then pay us for wasting our time and making us feel bad when we could be dealing with people who make us feel good.

  Women, men, anyone on the internet is not your's to judge or mistreat as you feel. The internet is still a community, be nice to your community. Hate, shaming and bullying does not belong anywhere in this world, so please stop bullying!

  Stop hiding behind your keyboards, stop shaming women for what they do. In fact, stop shaming PEOPLE. Stop bullying. Remember the saying, if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all? Well, people need to live by it and if they choose to live just to bash people then maybe they are the ones who should invest in a cyanide pill, sooner than later before they cause other innocent souls to come to an end far too soon.

  And to those who don't stoop so low to bully others to make yourself feel better:
  You are wonderful, thank you for not being harsh in this cruel world, please continue to be a beautiful person. I love you, we all do, for not being those negatives in our lives, thank you. 

 If I find out another beautiful performer/model/entertainer in the adult industry is being shamed for their choices I will (virtually, not in real life) hunt the bully down myself and make them suffer for the pain they inflected on others. So with that said, ladies & gents if you are ever being shammed or bullied, please let me know. I will gladly help, it's better than seeing another young soul take their own life. 

August Ames, I do hope some light will come from your demise. Whether those responsible are held accountable or to hopefully prevent something like this happening from someone else. I'm sorry you were treated so badly. Maybe where ever you are now you are experiencing a world without hate. May you rest in peace. 

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 I hope, in some way, this blog makes a point to at least one person to please stop bulling, please stop shaming. If all else let this blog be a reminder of a beautiful woman who took her life way too early all because some people did not agree with her refusing to sleep with someone. (how is that right in the first place to bully someone for NOT sleeping with some one???)


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