Monday, January 28, 2019

Important Announcement

 Despite it being the fresh start of the new year, I left last year in a huge cloud dust. During October I started feeling myself reaching a mental burn out, I tried my best to knock out the Halloween content even while having a million things to deal with. November was not much better. I took a small break in December (Back, 12/15/18). I say "small" because I only took a break from making content. I still had so much to do before even attempting some of the Christmas content I had planned. Christmas came and gone, then the new year. There was never anymore breaks for me before the MV Awards began. January so far has been my most productive month, content wise, I pretty much averaged a video a day after all the stuff I cranked out for the MV Awards. I never took a break.

 My mental burn out was growing worse before I could even realize. I was ignoring signs that my mental burn out was becoming more physical. First my bad headaches, shoulder, then my feet, later down the road after other things it affected my stomach, which now tells me I need to take an actual break, I need to actually try to take care of myself more. Things got really scary and painful this past week, I will spare the details but I believe I have learned my lesson.

 Pretty much starting now I am going to try to take more time to myself. Im going to NOT push myself harder for once.  Some things may change some may not. I will be giving myself off days for once, and not just the off week once a month BS Ive been doing for months now. I will take real days off, PLANNED days off.

 I will be 80% giving up my vanilla work. It has become too physically taxing on me.

 As for Patreon, there will be a delay with the releases for Feb. but it will not be later than the 14th.

 ManyVids will stay the same, I encourage my panty buyers to opt for the custom vid option than just the adding a basic vid.

 I will soon spend some time on MyGirlFund so I can start doing more laid back stuff than just constantly doing things.

 I hope everyone can understand and can please respect my time. Even as I write this I am fighting a pounding headache from all the stress this weekend has caused me. My body feels like I have been in a marathon, I just feel like complete shit. So I need to take some ME time for once.

 (TL;DR: I am burnt out physically + mentally. I will stop ignoring my body's signs. I am taking a break from pushing myself. Some stuff will be delayed but not too much. I feel like complete shit. Please do not ignore your body.)

Kiss kiss meow!
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*If you would like to help make things less stressful you can help by buying my already made videos on or sending money directly ($KittyMoon or ) I offer many options and ways to lend a hand, just DM me to discus things.*

Monday, January 7, 2019

MV Awards 2019!

The 2019 ManyVids Awards are here!
Jan 8th 8am pst til Jan 19th 7pm pst

Here are my categories + rewards!

Store of the year is my goal! You can also PM me to mix + match rewards or for a more customize reward as well.
Now remember, If I win 1st place in a category EVERY paid voter for that category will get a CUSTOM vid.
Click here to vote Store!

$5 - 3 vids
$10 - 2 photo sets
$15 - Nude fan signs  + Vid
$25 - 15 vids
$30 - Panty + Vid in panty
$50 - 50 vids
$100 - All Vids
$125 - All Vids + Photo Sets
$150 - All Vids + Full Panty Package
(Includes vid in panty, note, signed print, bagged + shipped. exclusive to STORE only)
$200 - All Vids + Photo Sets + Nude Fan Signs
$250 - Custom Vid

Thank you so much for your support! All paid voters will receive discounts.