Wednesday, July 11, 2018

All work, all play

I did find some storage stuff for free yesterday (got to love the upper class people here in Denver who toss good stuff) so now when I get the chance I am going to go through and clean out my old filming room which is now just a storage room A.K.A HUGE mess of lingerie and sex toys lol I am probably getting rid a majority of the lingerie and clothes (the stuff never really worn) I am just not sure what to do with it yet. Some of the lingerie and dresses are still good to wear (if it's dirty and a fetish it's going on my ManyVids). Once I get that room cleaned up I may set it up for cam, photo sets, and continue to use the main area for my videos and bigger photography stuff. Plus the bigger room is much more helpful when you are working with someone else. After that all I have to work on is upgrading equipment like lights, mic, and eventually camera. I am about 75% through with my ideal set up while living here (because IF I ever make my perfect live/work home it would be such a bigger project). But I almost have everything perfect here. Next I need to work on the mechanical sex toy stuff, but I may need some outside help for that. I just want to use my Bad Dragon toys with my sex machine but I don't know how to do it without them having attachments. Plus the automatic cum pump I still have to figure out. Bright side is I am slowly making it so much easier to just get glamed up and then turn the camera on. With the depression I have been dealing with lately it makes turning the camera on harder. I feel less motivated. Some times I have to clean up and organize before I can do anything at all with recording. And sometimes during cleaning I loose all motivation and energy. I really wish I had a personal motivational instructor by my side or something lol. Eventually I hope to have everything so well organized that I can start working on hand making more props, clothing, jewelry, etc and also start working on more projects I have wanted to do involving other people (just got to find a model or two to help me out) I also have not even really advertised that I am looking for a model in this industry to work with, including I would help them out with photo sets and their own videos if they need help. I just need a model but I can't pay so I'm willing to trade work for their time. Some projects would just go perfect if I was not the model AND photographer. Once I have things more organized Ill work on my "casting call" so to speak lol. But for now I need to stay focused on the current tasks. If anyone has any suggestions on attaching Bad Dragon toys to sex machines or an automatic cum squirter please let me know lol Kiss kiss meow!