Monday, January 28, 2019

Important Announcement

 Despite it being the fresh start of the new year, I left last year in a huge cloud dust. During October I started feeling myself reaching a mental burn out, I tried my best to knock out the Halloween content even while having a million things to deal with. November was not much better. I took a small break in December (Back, 12/15/18). I say "small" because I only took a break from making content. I still had so much to do before even attempting some of the Christmas content I had planned. Christmas came and gone, then the new year. There was never anymore breaks for me before the MV Awards began. January so far has been my most productive month, content wise, I pretty much averaged a video a day after all the stuff I cranked out for the MV Awards. I never took a break.

 My mental burn out was growing worse before I could even realize. I was ignoring signs that my mental burn out was becoming more physical. First my bad headaches, shoulder, then my feet, later down the road after other things it affected my stomach, which now tells me I need to take an actual break, I need to actually try to take care of myself more. Things got really scary and painful this past week, I will spare the details but I believe I have learned my lesson.

 Pretty much starting now I am going to try to take more time to myself. Im going to NOT push myself harder for once.  Some things may change some may not. I will be giving myself off days for once, and not just the off week once a month BS Ive been doing for months now. I will take real days off, PLANNED days off.

 I will be 80% giving up my vanilla work. It has become too physically taxing on me.

 As for Patreon, there will be a delay with the releases for Feb. but it will not be later than the 14th.

 ManyVids will stay the same, I encourage my panty buyers to opt for the custom vid option than just the adding a basic vid.

 I will soon spend some time on MyGirlFund so I can start doing more laid back stuff than just constantly doing things.

 I hope everyone can understand and can please respect my time. Even as I write this I am fighting a pounding headache from all the stress this weekend has caused me. My body feels like I have been in a marathon, I just feel like complete shit. So I need to take some ME time for once.

 (TL;DR: I am burnt out physically + mentally. I will stop ignoring my body's signs. I am taking a break from pushing myself. Some stuff will be delayed but not too much. I feel like complete shit. Please do not ignore your body.)

Kiss kiss meow!
Kitty <3 p="">

*If you would like to help make things less stressful you can help by buying my already made videos on or sending money directly ($KittyMoon or ) I offer many options and ways to lend a hand, just DM me to discus things.*

Monday, January 7, 2019

MV Awards 2019!

The 2019 ManyVids Awards are here!
Jan 8th 8am pst til Jan 19th 7pm pst

Here are my categories + rewards!

Store of the year is my goal! You can also PM me to mix + match rewards or for a more customize reward as well.
Now remember, If I win 1st place in a category EVERY paid voter for that category will get a CUSTOM vid.
Click here to vote Store!

$5 - 3 vids
$10 - 2 photo sets
$15 - Nude fan signs  + Vid
$25 - 15 vids
$30 - Panty + Vid in panty
$50 - 50 vids
$100 - All Vids
$125 - All Vids + Photo Sets
$150 - All Vids + Full Panty Package
(Includes vid in panty, note, signed print, bagged + shipped. exclusive to STORE only)
$200 - All Vids + Photo Sets + Nude Fan Signs
$250 - Custom Vid

Thank you so much for your support! All paid voters will receive discounts.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


My 2019 Goals

**- SW related only

  • Stay hydrated
  • Take needed vitamins/supplements
  • Workout, yoga, or something
  • Fully convert my spare room into my "dressing" room**
  • Camera UPGRADE
  • And get new equipment (mic, tripods, etc.)
  • Let go of some clutter (books, mags, some collectibles, odds/ends)
  • See my mom
  • Organize kitchen cabinets 
  • Meditate
  • Pap smear (Its been forever!)
  • Paint an accent wall to break up the blue-gloom-gray walls
  • Plan the much needed diet plan for health/gains
  • Work on projects (I still have the rocks I collected for my project)
  • 2nd savings I hope to never touch or drain until I buy land or something major.
  • Give myself a little hangout area in the backyard
  • Make top 100 on MV!!**
  • Somehow recycle despite my shitty trash service
  • Take better care if my hair (ie more DIY treatments, new scissors)
  • Re-pot my aloe plant
  • Finally buy that new cookware I've been talking about needing since 2016
  • 800+ credit score (dying laughing)
  • Renovate**
  • New kitchen appliances (very doubtful)
  • Sleep better
  • Try to eat 1 serving of fruit and veggies, each.
  • Average $1k/month MINIMUM from SW (barely getting $500)**
  • The tattoo I've been wanting for 10 years
  • Create something non-SW related at least once a month
  • Have at least one alternative filming area**
  • Fully update all my clip sites**
  • Braces (possibly invisalign)
  • Actually stock up on essentials so I don't always run out
  • Less pointless inconveniences 
  • Average more than 4 hrs of sleep a night 
  • Make a routine or schedule
  • Fix up bathroom (new towel rack, replace lights, new curtain, etc.)
  • Finally replace my make up with stuff that's not old or that I am allergic too...

Added after publishing this blog


Saturday, December 15, 2018

I'm back

Sorry about my little hiatus this past week. I've had so much going on and just felt too overwhelmed but I am not dead yet lol I just needed a break, my mind didn't want to focus on reading or typing or anything really.

I've kept a lot to myself the past few months, I don't think it was or is healthy for me to just bottle it up like I have been. I also wanted to wait until I had some answers before I talked about somethings. I didn't want to sound sure of one thing and another happen instead.

To start, a few months ago I was in a wreck. There was a 3rd party involved that caused an accident between another vehicle and mine. No one was hurt, thankfully. My truck took most of the damage to the tire, so I thought. The other vehicle just needs new doors. Long story short after multiple shops working on my truck and me having to repetitively scream at my insurance that they have not fixed my truck, my truck is finally at a shop who knows what they are doing and now the insurance realizes the issues ARE IN FACT from the wreck. *rolls eyes* One day I'll talk about this little scam insurance companies have going on with slightly older vehicles.
Now the verdict is it will be in the shop until at least February, maybe much later since they have to special order my parts. After that Ill decide if I want to keep it or sale it even though I just dropped a new motor in it this year.

Also my half brother from my dad was just diagnosed with cancer and is finishing up his treatment. Crazy as this sounds, I've never met my half brother. I only found out about him later on in life. I had always hoped and wanted to meet him... But now he's gotten sick, I feel unsure if I will get to meet him. I cant afford a trip to see him. If I could afford any trip I would go see my mom. And they live in opposite directions and I'm in the middle.

And every time I talk to my mom I always learn more depressing news. I can hardly take any more bad news. She's still unemployed after the company she worked with for most of my life went under. She is barely getting by just like me. I would love to fly her up here but she has to take care of my aunt who can no longer care for herself after a stroke a few years ago. I just really miss my mom, it's been so long since I've seen her or really spent time with her and I want to tell her so much. One day Ill visit her hopefully.

These past few months have been rough. Money has been very tight for me. My account keeps over drafting so I just keep putting more into bank fees than my stomach. On top of necessary auto-pay bills I keep having sudden expenses come out of me. I'm hardly able to eat let alone take care of myself. I am just stuck in a really bad place in life right now.

I needed a few days off from the internet. I took time to edit and fight with every inconvenience to try to get holiday content done. After I finish this I'm going to try to get some done finally. *fingers crossed* As long as nothing else unexpected happens. I set so many high expectations for myself but I always end up failing myself more than I fail others.

Even my goals are starting to seem impossible because I cant dedicate enough time and energy to reach them right now.

Things will get better right?

Anyways, I am back from my hiatus, I am very sorry if I concerned anyone. Thank you for those who reached out to me. *hugs* Love you!

Kiss kiss meow!
Kitty <3 p="">

Monday, October 22, 2018

Kitty Mail!

I know my PO box address is listed in a few places but I am going to make it easier this way from now on.

Kitty Moon
PO Box 616
Englewood, CO

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

All work, all play

I did find some storage stuff for free yesterday (got to love the upper class people here in Denver who toss good stuff) so now when I get the chance I am going to go through and clean out my old filming room which is now just a storage room A.K.A HUGE mess of lingerie and sex toys lol I am probably getting rid a majority of the lingerie and clothes (the stuff never really worn) I am just not sure what to do with it yet. Some of the lingerie and dresses are still good to wear (if it's dirty and a fetish it's going on my ManyVids). Once I get that room cleaned up I may set it up for cam, photo sets, and continue to use the main area for my videos and bigger photography stuff. Plus the bigger room is much more helpful when you are working with someone else. After that all I have to work on is upgrading equipment like lights, mic, and eventually camera. I am about 75% through with my ideal set up while living here (because IF I ever make my perfect live/work home it would be such a bigger project). But I almost have everything perfect here. Next I need to work on the mechanical sex toy stuff, but I may need some outside help for that. I just want to use my Bad Dragon toys with my sex machine but I don't know how to do it without them having attachments. Plus the automatic cum pump I still have to figure out. Bright side is I am slowly making it so much easier to just get glamed up and then turn the camera on. With the depression I have been dealing with lately it makes turning the camera on harder. I feel less motivated. Some times I have to clean up and organize before I can do anything at all with recording. And sometimes during cleaning I loose all motivation and energy. I really wish I had a personal motivational instructor by my side or something lol. Eventually I hope to have everything so well organized that I can start working on hand making more props, clothing, jewelry, etc and also start working on more projects I have wanted to do involving other people (just got to find a model or two to help me out) I also have not even really advertised that I am looking for a model in this industry to work with, including I would help them out with photo sets and their own videos if they need help. I just need a model but I can't pay so I'm willing to trade work for their time. Some projects would just go perfect if I was not the model AND photographer. Once I have things more organized Ill work on my "casting call" so to speak lol. But for now I need to stay focused on the current tasks. If anyone has any suggestions on attaching Bad Dragon toys to sex machines or an automatic cum squirter please let me know lol Kiss kiss meow!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Can we build it?... One day maybe (PICS)

I went up the mountains last week, being in the mountains really solidifies my need to LIVE in the mountains. I want to be able to wake up and see the sun rising through the peaks of the mountains. I want to be able to walk outside the door to my house and already be where I travel 2+ hours to go to sometimes. I want to peace, quiet, and privacy that the mountains have to offer. I love the outdoors so it would mean the world for me to be able to just freely chill outside naked, maybe doing yoga, with no care in the world because I am on my land and no neighbors can see me.

Even the working aspect of it I can see working out. Yes I would give up my automotive work a little bit since traveling would be longer, but I could spend so much more time working on content. Maybe even get better with my videography. I could play around with different things. I could finally make some of my ideas come true. It would be the perfect live/work kind of place for me.

Unfortunately though, the price of land is crazy high here, and even more so if a house is already built on it. I do want to design my perfect home, so Im open to bare land.

I just need a place to start. I havent even started setting money aside to buy land, but I think I will soon. I really really want to have my ideal live/work location, even if its small and not perfect, I still want to try. And who knows maybe this site will help me achieve it and we can all celebrate when my dream comes true lol. 

I know it doesnt hurt to dream, so I have been contemplating drawing out a blue print of how I want to build my ideal home. Does that sound silly? I'm sure it does. But I just really wish it were something very easy to attain, but its not, so I have to do everything I can to reach it. The downside is, after everything lately, the idea of a perfect live/work home in the mountains is currently my one and only true life goal.

Anyways, enjoy a few beautiful mountain pics. :)

Kiss kiss meow!