Friday, June 29, 2018

Can we build it?... One day maybe (PICS)

I went up the mountains last week, being in the mountains really solidifies my need to LIVE in the mountains. I want to be able to wake up and see the sun rising through the peaks of the mountains. I want to be able to walk outside the door to my house and already be where I travel 2+ hours to go to sometimes. I want to peace, quiet, and privacy that the mountains have to offer. I love the outdoors so it would mean the world for me to be able to just freely chill outside naked, maybe doing yoga, with no care in the world because I am on my land and no neighbors can see me.

Even the working aspect of it I can see working out. Yes I would give up my automotive work a little bit since traveling would be longer, but I could spend so much more time working on content. Maybe even get better with my videography. I could play around with different things. I could finally make some of my ideas come true. It would be the perfect live/work kind of place for me.

Unfortunately though, the price of land is crazy high here, and even more so if a house is already built on it. I do want to design my perfect home, so Im open to bare land.

I just need a place to start. I havent even started setting money aside to buy land, but I think I will soon. I really really want to have my ideal live/work location, even if its small and not perfect, I still want to try. And who knows maybe this site will help me achieve it and we can all celebrate when my dream comes true lol. 

I know it doesnt hurt to dream, so I have been contemplating drawing out a blue print of how I want to build my ideal home. Does that sound silly? I'm sure it does. But I just really wish it were something very easy to attain, but its not, so I have to do everything I can to reach it. The downside is, after everything lately, the idea of a perfect live/work home in the mountains is currently my one and only true life goal.

Anyways, enjoy a few beautiful mountain pics. :)

Kiss kiss meow!