Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Kitten Moon Flashback

Previously I would upload every Wednesday & Saturday to give my membership subscribers new content at least twice a week...

Now I am here to welcome a new addition to my Manyvids uploads!

Starting the first Monday of March (The 5th) I will be uploading old videos I made when I first started out in this industry. My videos date back as far as 2014, so I will have plenty of videos for my subscribers to enjoy this year.
For these old videos I am calling them Kitten Moon Flashbacks.

So, here is the updated upload schedule

Monday - Kitten Moon Flashback
Wednesday & Saturday - Usual uploads

I hope you stick around & see how much this Kitten has grown over the years!

Kiss kiss meow!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

March Updates

I know I haven't been blogging very much lately. I try to keep my twitter updated though.
(shameless self-plug, follow me on twitter @_KittyMoon to stay updated or get clues.)

I am here to fill in the blanks... Finally.

First, Ill start off with what has already happened.

  • On PornHub I surpassed 50K subscribers, which earned me an award through PornHub. As I write this blog, I have over 61K subscribers that I am so very thankful to have! Which is why I released a basic little video for my subscribers over on PornHub.
    You can click > HERE < to watch it yourself, but don't forget to subscribe if you have not already
    Here is the award

  • I also got some PornHub gear too 

  • My Bad Dragon order also arrived ("into" & first creampie vid on ManyVids)

  • I also received an MV butt plug! Thank you, you know who you are! 

Now on to the changes & what's to come!
  • My Birthday is coming up, March 19th, I am currently thinking about doing another giveaway but I may do it based on tickets too.
    For my birthday week I plan to release a video every day, but hopefully that's not going to be an impossible goal, please do not hold me to it. lol
  • As of March a new change to my upload schedule will take effect. I will still upload every Wednesday & Saturday but I will also be using Monday to upload my really old videos from when I first started out.
    I am just probably going to call all the videos "Kitten Moon Flashbacks" and a number or something. Im also going through and  editing some, of course adding my credits and stuff too them too. BUT wow these are some old videos!

  • This is not taking place in March but I did get my ticket for Exxxotica! This will be the first event like this that I have ever attended. And probably one of the biggest events I've ever been too also (besides Dita Von Teese's show last year). I am very excited but absolutely nervous! Thankfully a friend of mine who is an MV Boy got his tickets awhile back & will be going so he will be there too. There are several girls there I have always looked up too and admired that I hope to meet but I feel like I will fail when I do. My anxiety is the worst!
  • I will be adding some new shop items soon as well. I have already started adding some bundles but I want to add more too it and give more options to my buyers. I am also looking in to a few things to help grow my shop also. And of course I will be adding a few Exxxotica and Birthday related things too. 
So as far as I can recall at this moment that's all the updates I have for now. Ill just make another blog if I have more. 

Kiss kiss meow