Sunday, March 26, 2017

Why Im leaving ExtraLunchMoney

I've been hinting at it for awhile but I'm leaving ExtraLunchMoney. I've been on the site for years! But it was always just one of those sites I put on the back burner since I've never really had a good experience on the site. It's not that I don't sell anything (I do sometimes, but not as often as other sites). Ill break it down with a few key reasons why I am wiping my hands of this site.

First off..... the way you upload videos is aggravating. I don't know if I've been doing it wrong this whole time but its just way to much to bother with. My videos now usually come out to be around 2GB, but ELM has a 500MB limit per file. I either have to split the video up in to pieces or I have to upload it to MediaFire or DropBox.
Dropbox does not come with a lot of memory for you to upload stuff too, I can maybe get 3 vids per DB account. With MediaFire I can upload more on there, I can have about 6-10 videos on there. I just upload the video, take the share link and stick it in a txt or pdf file for the buyer to download.
But the problem with MediaFire is the links expire. So I almost always get messages saying the download link doesn't work. I usually have to go through all my accounts to find the video they purchased and send them the link that way. Its annoying and it probably looks really bad to the buyer that the link was messed up. This battle with links has been going on for so long, even if I update the links often.

Second... ELM seems to be pretty much based on requests and custom work. Unfortunately I don't have the time right now to make customs, so that feature is pretty useless to me. And if I get a message not about links its usually a request, even though I have plastered all over my profile that I am not currently doing customs, but no one listens! If I was going to accept customs my profile would say so and say what I will/wont do. I know the buyers are not all stupid so why ask someone for a custom when they clearly are not offering customs.

Third.... Cheapskate buyers, I have never encountered so many penny-pinching tightwads in my life! Some don't want to spend over $5. Even some of the requests are cheap as hell!
[example of a current request on the site- "Strip naked while telling me you want me in explicit terms that you want to fuck me. Once naked kneel down finger yourself until you cum. Have a load orgasm. don't play any music. I will post online or use as I choose. You may resell. Thank you (Masturbation Video)" 5 credits....
...F I V E fucking credits for that tightwad to post the custom video online or use as they choose.]
Not all requests are negotiable on price too. Some will have a firm price that is super low. Ive had many that were 30 min video for $10, work with a partner for a 20 min video $5. Seriously? If you want customs dont come to me if you are cheap stiff.

Forth... The majority of the requests I have received or have seen posted on ELM are horrible. About 90% of the requests I get I would never ever do even if I was doing customs! I get a TON of pee requests and other bizarre requests. I don't do pee/poop videos, EVER!!
Here, Ill go through my inbox...
h*****8: Sent - Hey, do you do pee customs?
A************3: Sent -hi, so this is going to sound super random.. I have this videorequwst Ijust made fora girl to pee on her carpet. Like get a full bladder and pull down her pants and just straight up pop a squat and pee on her. carpet it's 35 credits. If you aren't into this and I just grossed you out my apologies.. If you are and wanna talk details hit me up. I have the credits ready to go.. just wanna find the right girl :-) 
[Don't you just love the spelling in this one?]
c*******g: Sent - Hi there I know you said that you weren't currenttly doing customs but, do you know how to drive a motorbike or a dirtbike? If you do, are you interested in making a 5 min video during the daytime? The video will be for my personal viewing pleasure. Please let me know, thanks 
w********o: Sent - Hey! Can you pee in your bikini swimsuit for me? I'd like to buy videos :)
While going through my inbox I also saw a few users who repetitively messaged me asking if I will do a custom. I even had a few who got very pissy from me just saying "Sorry, I'm not doing customs at this time."...
[added this bit after I almost finished this blog -_-
S*******s: Sent 2017-03-25 15:22:37
Hi dear! Do you want to do this video for me?*****
Which linked to this:
Hi, I am looking for a custom video where you will rub your breasts and pussy with thin slices of ham/turkey/cheese. 25 credits. Thanks! (Fetish Video)
You know what I replied with?
"I'm a vegetarian... I'm not doing any customs, otherwise I would have selected the "I can do it" option on the request page last week, I am not trying to be a cunt, I'm just tired of the endless messages of people asking for customs when clearly on my profile it says I am leaving and I am not doing customs."

Five... The lack of prohibited content. ELM is full of shit, literally! There are countless videos, photos, and requests for poop content. Tons of pee content too. I'm sorry, call me a prude all you want but I will not shit or piss on camera. If I ever loose my sanity and make content like that, it damn sure will not be a $5 video. I also will NEVER send my poop or pee or even used menstrual products to anyone, unless if its my actually doctor for testing. Even that would still be weird as fuck for me. What happened to the normal requests? I used to do customs on ELM a long time ago, until I got busy and the poop/pee requests started to flood my inbox.
And with all of those kinds of content on the site most of the more normal or average content and fetishes get ignored. No one pays attention to any thing but the pee/poop stuff. All I see ELM as is a public restroom for women to get paid for taking a shit. Not a site for women to get paid for doing everything they enjoy doing, just poop and pee.

You know, I fully understand everyone has their kink, and every fetish can be viewed as "normal" when you understand the reasons for each fetish. Believe me, I understand why some people like the pee and poop stuff. BUT THAT'S NOT ME!!! I don't do those fetishes. Yeah, I'm still learning my fetishes, learning what I will and won't ever do, but still pee and poop is not my thing. It's not in my realm of kink either. I'm in to pet play, fetish wear, stuffing, squishing, spanking, body part worship, and so on. NOT poop or pee.

So if you take my reasons above (Annoying video upload methods + Custom based site + Cheap buyers + Requests sent to me + Allowed content) that is plenty enough reason to just leave that site. Its not worth my time. I rather put my time into this website, mygirlfund, and manyvids. Already on ManyVids I've sold more then I did last year on ELM. Sad, huh? I should have switched much sooner.

If you have a problem with my reason for leaving ELM and you don't like pee/poop content then tell me why I'm wrong for leaving ELM.

Meow I will say goodbye for meow. I hope you have a purrfect day, I'm not kitten around, fur real, have a purrfect day!

Well, since mykittyfund doesnt want to work...

Guess Im going to make a back up blog for meow. The domain host Im currently using doesnt know why my site is all messed up. So yeah, for now until I talk to their other team I will be using this and looking for a new domain host that will actually help you and not make you hold or wait forever.