Thursday, May 3, 2018

How to get exclusive content

Are you a fan of my work and hope to see a lot more growth with 2018?

I have a ton of new content ideas in mind. If you want to help make these ideas become reality and also receive exclusive content plus first look at everything keep reading..

Toys, lingerie, props, lube, etc are not always cheap. So often times I will have ideas that sit on the back burner for weeks to months until I can gather ALL of the needed items, but that makes it so frustrating.
I know there are even projects my fans want to see, but because I don't have everything on hand those projects sometimes become forgotten.

So here is the deal, help me with gathering the things I need simply by buying the item(s) from my wishlist or with a Amazon gift card.

In return you will receive photos of me trying/testing out the item before the content is made (if possible), exclusive content made with the item(s), first look at the content I will make with the item(s), and I will even throw in photos with poses or outfits of your choice as well.

Here is how you can help contribute to more content and receive your exclusives.

Send Amazon Gift Card to

Wishlist for clothes -
Wishlist for content items -
Wishlist for toys -

You can also send items to my PO box if you like, just please include a wait to send you content in return (email or MV/twitter/etc username)

Kitty Moon
PO Box 616
Englewood, Co

Let me know if you have any questions

Kiss kiss meow,
Kitty Moon