Friday, April 28, 2017

Checking Out Chit Chat

It baffles me how I can go to the store for like one or two items and I go through check out (not self check out) pretty fast without the cashier saying a word. Sometimes they don't even tell me the total!

But when I actually go grocery shopping and get a good amount of items (more then self check out limit) the cashiers take more time scanning everything and chatting with me.

Most of the time when I so a lot of shopping, I'm standing there like, "FML! I stopped shopping because I feel like passing out, just hurry up so I can go sit down!!"And they usually try to talk to me about something random and pointless while they slowly grab and item, look it over a hundred times to find the bar code, scan it, slowly put it in the bag, and repeat.

Most of the time I'm not buying uncommon items so how do they not know where the bar codes are after scanning these items all the freaking time? Plus if anything, I should be paid by some brands for promoting them while checking out when some cashiers ask me a million questions about an item I got.

It would be 100% fine to chat all day, IF I could just sit down.

I don't want to be mean and just be like "Please hurry, I'm going to pass out." for many reasons. Mainly I don't want them to freak out and insist on calling for medical attention when this is something that I'm fairly used to as of lately.

There needs to be a signal to let them know I'm in a hurry and not just because I'm running late for something, more like I need to sit down but its not an emergency because its a common occurrence for me and I just really want to finish up so I can sit down please!

Even though I have been living with health problems for many years now I still find it very hard to explain little things to strangers. Like for example since I have trouble staying hydrated I sometimes drink Pedialyte when I get severely dehydrated, often times when I go through check out they usually say something along the lines of me having a sick baby back at home. I don't know how to respond so I just frown and nod then go back to fiddling with my wallet or shopping list.

And the baby subject is story on its own. Needless to say I have never had kids. Just fur kids. But I do buy a lot of products made for kids like kids cough medicine or kids bath wash. Reason being is some kids OTC medicine can be free of dyes or the nasty shit in NyQuil (and most DM meds or cough meds for adults) that I just so happen to have bad reactions to. Kids bath wash is usually dye free as well or hypoallergenic.

Sorry I went off topic...

As I was saying, some times I'm okay with small talk during check out but don't let it affect the speed in which you scan the items. I'm 100% sure the customers in line waiting would like for you to pick up the speed a little. If stores want to be the next chit-chat while you shop then they seriously should open more lanes and include chairs.


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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Update: Why I'm Leaving

Remember my blog post regarding "Why I'm leaving"? Well, here is an update.

The other night, around midnight, after a long tough week I am laying in bed watching CrunchyRoll when my phone goes off letting me know I have an email. I ignored it for a little while but eventually checked my emails. The subject line threw me off so I had to jump on my computer to see the full email.

This is the email I received

Needless to say I was LIVID!!

Last month when I put out the "Why I'm leaving" blog I had set up my ELM to do a few promos until the end of April. I had planned on doing my last (and final) cash out on ELM after the promos ended. Now it looks like that wont really be happening anytime soon.

How fucked up is that? I tried to leave that stupid site and now I cant even cash out. It's ridiculous! Just goes to show how much better other sites are and how I'm better off leaving ELM. I do prefer ManyVids now more then most sites.

I guess for now I will leave my account active on ELM, I do have it now where most of my download now products contain a .txt file with my links and even a promo code to save big on my ManyVids store. I will probably deactivate some of my products on ELM so I don't have to deal with them any more. Because I have no intention of even getting on to help with broken download links. Blame ELM on their shitty upload set up that I couldn't just directly upload my full length HIGH QUALITY videos on their site.

To me, ELM is not worth the hassle. Its just a trashy unorganized site full of cheap ass creeps who love scat. ELM is not a site for me or many girls who truly respect their bodies and know their worth. I can deal with the gagging/vomit fetishes, super rough sex, crazy scenarios, etc. But piss and shit plus period blood, fuck no, get out of my inbox with those requests!

Anyways, that's that for now. If more goes on with ELM I will probably update on it when it happens.

If you are interested in good sites check out my profiles on some good sites.
Or just get on Twitter, many girls sell content that way. You can also contact me directly to buy my content.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Food Stamps & Soda

I came across this video today. It bothers me in a way. It feels like they are trying to twist it all around. I want you to watch the video first then read my thoughts on it.

Food Stamp Household Budget 8.5 Billion Dollars To Soda Food Stamp Household Budget 8.5 Billion Dollars To Soda
Posted by David Wolfe on Monday, January 16, 2017 
(FYI I have no idea how to put vids in my blogs, but Im working on it, comment if you know how)

First, I want to point out that it is pretty messed up that people spend that much on soda with food stamps. Secondly, I understand because healthier drinks, sometimes even just water can cost so much more then soda.

Its not just the consumers fault, it is also the fact that companies bank on people spending so much more on healthier items that junk foods are cheaper and health foods are expensive....


It all actually ties back to the pharmaceutical companies.

How? Well, typically (not always) people who eat healthy tend to go to the doctors less and need medicine less. So how do they get the money out of healthy people? Over charging them for the foods they buy. Poorer people don't always buy healthy foods, they do tend to buy the cheaper more processed foods which can cause health problems in the long run therefore they spend more on doctors and medicine.

Theoretically the bad diet people spend as much on food + medical as much as good diet people spend, just the ratios are opposite.

DISCLAIMER: The above is just my own opinions, assumptions, observations, experiences, and theories. But I have been on both sides so I am allowed my on thoughts on this. Pretty much its not just people on food stamps at fault here but simply our whole economy is just whack

Point of this post, we really need to change our economy. If my healthy foods that meet the diet I MUST live buy were cheaper then maybe I wouldn't have to charge so much for my content, just saying.

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