Sunday, June 23, 2019

Almost a month left

Moving day is Aug 1st. I am nervous, but I am also extremely hopeful. happy, and excited too. While packing I never realized how much of my creative stuff I never touched since moving in to this house. Only lately am I realizing how much motivation and creativity this house has sucked out of me. I used to write, I was inspired and always at it, I was a few chapters into my first novel, until I moved in, then I never wrote another word for my book.

I've never gone so long without creating, and I don't really consider creating movie props and what not as my main outlet of creativity either. I've been stagnant in this house. I know I have learned a lot and experienced a lot I wouldn't have without living here, but it is saddening to know I have worked hard to live here, but I wasn't LIVING my life to its fullest.

That's why I am hopeful. I hope once I am out of here I can start writing and creating more. I can stop focusing on busting my ass all the and focus on actually growing more. I want to eventually broaden my freelance photography from wildlife, naturescapes and rural locations to once day get clients wanting me to photograph them or more extravagant buildings too. I want to be hired for more project, not just a few here and there.

Who knows maybe one day my prints will be sold nationwide. and maybe Ill finally re-enter that wildlife photography contest next year too. I entered before I moved in to this house but I didn't win, I told myself Ill take a better pic for the next year, but that was 4 years ago. Moving out of this house is scary but has me so hopeful to be ME again.

I just wish it would all happen in a flash. I HATE packing and I'm a ball of nerves trying to figure out what all I need to get done. I did downsize a lot too. I cut back on so much stuff. I want to live a more minimalist lifestyle... If it doesn't bring me happiness, it needs to go lol. So far its working for me. I dropped off a ton of stuff to Goodwill, without falling on my ass again this time lol. Still stiff from the fall but better.

I'll stop rambling for now, but hopefully Ill update again before the big day.

Kiss kiss meow!
Kitty <3 nbsp="" p="">

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Quick Update

I got the official notice this week. I have to move out by Aug 1st... And I was right, I'm being evicted so they can move their freeloading middle-aged child back in even though she practically destroyed the house when she lived here the first time.

I'm not sour about the eviction, I am just pissed off the landlord keeps causing me inconveniences. Every chance she gets she or other people are here preventing me from working still. Next they have to access the attic which is in my bedroom above the built in dresser which doubles as a computer set up in the tiny room.

Not to mention my fall a few weeks ago. I was loading things up to drop off at goodwill and slipped down my steps, crashed down hard on my tailbone. I couldn't sit on my ass, lay on my ass, stand for long, bending hurt, hell even trying to do #1 or #2 was horrible. Even anal still hurts haha.. Both TMI?

Moral is... Never injure your tailbone, it makes you feel so much pain in so many places you didn't think possible! Not only did it piss me off because I fell because of moving/downsizing in such a rush but also because I had to put off work for about two weeks. It still hurts but I'm just ignoring it now.

Anyways, I have made a list of different really pretty nature spots I want to check out after I get a camper trailer... Yes, the camper trailer is still a goal. I am not signing another lease, not to mention with my income its not guaranteed, so getting into something I can live in for much cheaper while working is more ideal.

On a different note I made a trip out to the mountains this week only because I had some old fuel to burn off in my truck. I finally made it pass emissions after a lot of stupid work. I brought my camera but was not happy with the outcome so I might go back out again and hope to find a nice private spot... Not going to lie it would be easier if I had a camper trailer. lol I could even do a ton more things... So many options...

I just figured I would update on the eviction and keep trying to manifest this camper trailer in to my life with hard work and motivation. Talking about it and my plans with it fuel the hard work and motivation. I even know how I want to set up the squirrels' hang out pouches haha. And yes I will make sure they can't get stuck in any holes (another reason a slide out is a big no-no. A smaller sqft might even make it easier to let the boys play and run around more.

If you want to help out check out my blog: "Crazy Goal?"

I hope everyone has a good Sunday! I'm going to go back up more things for goodwill now that I can move around more.

Kiss kiss meow!
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Thursday, May 30, 2019

I can see a future

If you have read my previous blogs (Crazy goal? & Venting) you will already know I am suddenly being evicted so the landlord can most likely move her adult kid in therefore I am trying to save up for a camper trailer...

To add to this camper trailer idea I just found out that I can even volunteer here at one of the state parks anywhere I want in the state and get free residency at the park's camp ground while I am volunteering. I can do this and travel around the state while doing it too. I think it fits in perfectly with my plans. I was already planning to stay at them for some work content and some wildlife photography but now I can do it for free.

I don't think I have ever had such a spontaneous idea grow into such a clear future for me. Last few months, maybe even years my future was always a bit foggy for me. Now I feel hopeful for once... slightly.

I do not know, I am also burnt out.  My landlord has not made things easier on me and it really feels like the harder I try to reach a goal the harder it is to reach, and she is apart of the problem. I am sooooo behind on work and sucky part is I have no one to get any help from now since my one local friend in the city is the landlord's daughter, and I'm really starting to believe the "friend" told the landlord about my line of work... You would think she would not after so many years.

Anyways, I have some down time this week, I am just stressed but hopefully things will get better soon. I just have to get out of here first then things will be good. Until then Ill keep blogging, I feel like it's helping prevent insanity from the pressure.

On another note, I really would enjoy sharing some wildlife photos on my blogs here one day. I just have not taken any since moving in here, but traveling would change that. I think it would help me find myself again.

Kiss kiss meow,
Kitty <3 p="">

Monday, May 27, 2019


My idea to get a camper trailer is now a need... With my situation its impossible for me to find a place to rent to me, my credit history is too immature, blah blah blah. I'm used to the challenges of finding places to rent while being self-employed like I am and all that. I get that I need more of a credit history before I can just buy something.

But what I am not used to or understanding is why is my landlord making it harder and harder for me to even work? She just dropped the news on me the 18th of April but immediately she told me 3 different dates of when people were coming to the house but they never showed. They finally showed after days of me missing work and orders.

Instead it has been nothing but problems back to back. Every little chance my landlord gets she schedules some kind of appointment or something for somebody to come out, without even discussing things with me. The most recent time being she had text me and asked me if this one time/day was good for me and I told her no for once(after the dozen or so random pop ups/unexpected appointments) because I already had things scheduled for that time and then she blew up at me. I’ve told her many times before that I work from home and I need a heads up before she can just pop up so I can arrange things for work. This made her so mad when I told her I was not able to do it at that time but offered other options when she could come by. She was pissed.

What is the point of asking if a date is good or not if you’re not even willing to change it when the person says it’s not a good day? The worst part is, after I offered her like all of next week as an option if she wanted to make it a legal matter because “I’m your landlord”. Like hold up, it doesn’t matter she’s already interfered with my work if she wants to be paid her rent then she is going to let me work, that is that. I’m not about to fall short on rent because she is hindering me from making HER money. (that she will end up spending on her adult daughter)

After a long argument she finally decided to just go ahead and reschedule for next week (because she had already scheduled before even discussing it with me.)... But that wasn’t the end of it. She did up sitting at her longer again. So another day that I had planned to be working I am interrupted by the loud workers, again. I even caught one of the workers just pretending to be working in front of my freaking door on my porch with the leaf blower just to be loud. Like this is the type of person who will pay other people money to aggravate other people to get their way. This is pure entitlement between her and her daughter who has decided she doesn’t want to live in their basement anymore, that’s all they are, just entitled.

Now for me being a month behind on my work and now trying to figure out how I’m going to move is stressing me out. I’m really only just stressed because every single morning before at 7am. There’s some kind of construction or loud noises going on around the neighborhood so loud to the point I just can’t sleep anymore. Most of my work takes place in the afternoon and evenings late into the night, so I cant always just go to bed early. Instead I go to bed late and I am woken up super early. Now I just am exhausted.

I’m tired of the city life. I think it’s time for me to get out of the city. So my previous blog talking about how I want to get a camper trailer is no longer just in idea, it is a need to survive. Right I’m having a hard time finding a place to rent that will except me and with as impossible as my landlord is being I just want to get out as soon as possible. I cannot deal with her. She is doing everything she can to just push me out right now but she knows she has to stay within the law.

I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. This camper trailer is my best and only option for me and my squirrels but it’s been slow progress getting closer to getting a camper trailer.

If you want to help me get closer to this goal please check out my previous blog: Crazy goal?

Kiss kiss meow,
Kitty Moon

(This is kind of a "Venting (Part 1)" so please subscribe and stay tuned for a "Venting (Part 2)" regarding the current situation.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Crazy goal?

These past few weeks have been crazy! Right before my lease is up to renew (which I would have expected since I had not previously heard otherwise) my landlord suddenly dropped the news that they want to either sale the house or move their adult kid into the house. I am now renting month by month but expecting to get a 30 day official notice at some point soon from what they said.

Crazy huh? Yeah, its just beginning. My landlord knows I am "self employed", but since she dropped the news she keeps making plans for everyone to come out to the house and even INSIDE of the house to get things ready for summer and to sale or whatever. There have been days people show up unannounced and there have been many days I have had to plan to be "off work" to wait for people to come by but they never show. She just gives excuses, actually lies because I can check my security camera and see that no one ever showed up while I was here waiting all day.

I've lost a lot of work time and time in general to her since she dropped the news, but the issue I have is it has not given me any time to make any money to save up for a new place let alone pay her if she keeps it up...

blah blah blah... Crazy right?

Well, that's not where the story gets crazy... Because of my situation and where I am its going to be impossible to rent or try to buy a house... Here is the crazy part.

I am seriously considering just selling and donating most of my stuff and buying a nice light camper trailer to live/travel in. See why I said crazy?

Really though, think about it! I could see my mom again after so many years. I could travel to find some secluded areas to work in. Even go to new cities and meet other girls to work with.

Not only that I would be saving soooo much more money compared to how much I am spending now on living here. I could save to buy a house in the future while traveling.

My only problem is I can't get a loan so I have to pay in full and since most places are picky about the age of a camper the newer ones are around 20k. A lot of hard work over the next few weeks. Hopefully my landlord will take her time and I can save up to buy a camper.

If you want to see a huge variety of content from me in amazing places with hopefully some new faces, or you just want to help fund this crazy goal there are a few different ways, I will list them below.
So for now I will make it a goal to try to reach 20k before I have to get out. If I dont make 20k, hopefully I will still have enough to find something to move in to.

Then I can hit the road with less restrictions. Finally get that Workation I have been thinking about. I might even start vlogging it.... Regardless with the situation here things can really only go up from here. I just have to stay positive. Fingers crossed haha.

Kiss kiss meow!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

5 Years Ago

**Warning: this may be emotional to some, get the tissues ready**

 Where I am from I gained experience rehabilitating animals, especially flying squirrels. That's how I have my spoiled "Sky Kraken" and his "little brother". I have rehabbed many baby flying squirrels in the past. I have had many challenging times with rescues in the past. But sometimes you are not prepared for everything.

 In 2014 I was given a very important and challenging situation. My sister's cat brought up this filthy flea and mite covered flying squirrel. First off, I have never had a flyer covered in fleas and mites, they spend way too much time in the trees to have mites. So that was a concern.
It wasn't a baby for once. It was a full grown adult flyer, but it felt so thin and bony. This little creature was so cold and so lethargic. It was hardly responsive. There was no blood, so no punctures from the cat, but that doesn't rule out internal injuries. With the state it was in, I was sure it was not going to survive the night. 

 I did the best I could to make it comfortable. I gave it a bath with a little dawn and tea tree to treat the fleas and mites. (I have other flyers I didnt want to get infested, so I had to treat it as best as I could) I kept it warm, and even offered it food. 

After a few hours of having it, it started to eat a grape I stuck in its temporary "ICU" I had set up. Just seeing it eat changed the whole situation.

For once it went from grim to hopeful.

The first 24 hours are the hardest. Usually if they are injured or sick enough they wont live past 24 hours. 24 hours passed. It was still alive. It was becoming more aware of me as well. At some point I was able to determine it was a female. I knew she was older, but I was not sure how old. 

After a day or two she was becoming more active, I noticed how she moved, she didn't move like the others. After watching her I realized she had an injured back leg. It was hard to notice at first but her foot was just slightly smaller than her other. I'm don't think it was injured by the cat, I believe it was most likely the reason the cat was able to catch such a fast creature. Its apparent she was sick, injured, or unwell when the cat found her. 

I tried reaching out to the local vets and wildlife people. No one would take in squirrels of any kind. I'm from a state that will gladly shoot to kill, anything. I couldn't get any help. Vets told me to put her back out side to die. They all told me to let her die. Let her die? Just let her freaking die? I wish it was a joke but they wouldnt help. Not even to humanly put her down.

Whatever, I can do this on my own. I can see the improvement. I can see the potential. I can see this creature living a long happy life. And I was determined to make it happen. (Im tearing up while typing this, just keep reading.)

Her and I started taking things one day at a time, until she realized she had had enough of her dead injured foot getting in her way. She wanted to amputate. I'll spare you the details, but it was a slow process. I supplied her with some natural stuff to help her do what she felt she had to do. Foods that help with pain, foods that help with healing, etc. When she was done I doctored her up with a little bandage but it was so hard to keep on her. 

She was finally more active, but I noticed she would mostly just roll to get around, or if she did walk/run/hop it would be in a circle, but she would still do a body roll. 

She was then named Rolie. 

Weeks have passed. I moved out of state, she moved with me. I did everything I could to make the move as least stressful on her as I could while she still healed.

Everything was fine, I thought... It wasn't good enough, what she did, I don't know why but she "operated" a second time. She went from ankle to right below her knee. Again, I dont know what had prompt her to do it, but I made sure she would be okay and wouldnt get an infection in the meantime.

That was the end of the troubles her leg. She was done with it. Once the tissue healed and covered it back up it was clear to me her mobility was improved. She knew what she was doing.

Over time we have spent so much time together. I love seeing how she reacts to her favorite foods and trying new things too. She may not be able to "fly" like a flying squirrel but she can get up and go. She lives in the cage with the two boys. Aside from typical nest mate rivalry they get a long. The boys take the top half of the cage to climb and jump around. While she takes the bottom half to run around in.

She enjoys attention from me and my friends, and loves sleeping on me. She loves her ear scratched and cheeks rubbed. Grapes, yogurt, and peanut butter are her favorite. I even have to be ready with a bottle cap full of water for when she eats too much peanut butter too. lol 

Did I mention she loves yogurt?

She even had some vegan whipped cream once.

She even loves to run around in the grass outside. Thankfully she wont run away from me. She will actually run a few feet away before circling back and running back to me, not even to friends, but to me lol

Ignore the cheesy music, I didn't want my neighbors to be heard.

I have also learned over the years that not only is she 3 legged, she is missing a finger on one front paw, she is also partially deaf and blind. Her circles have gotten better but its believed that is actually caused from some brain trauma so it may never clear up no matter how well she gets around with 3 legs. 

She is a super tough squirrel. She is inspiring to say the least. She has taught me so much over the years. If something so tiny with so many things holding her back can just keep going, then I can too. 

Another lesson she has taught me is, sometimes going in circles will still move you forward if you are doing it right lol.

And yes, the princess is still very much alive, well, and so spoiled. 

Happy "Rescue-Birthday" Princess Fur Nugget. 

Never give up.

Kiss kiss meow,

Here is a bonus clip for you. Ignore the cheesy music I didn't want my neighbors heard

Monday, January 28, 2019

Important Announcement

 Despite it being the fresh start of the new year, I left last year in a huge cloud dust. During October I started feeling myself reaching a mental burn out, I tried my best to knock out the Halloween content even while having a million things to deal with. November was not much better. I took a small break in December (Back, 12/15/18). I say "small" because I only took a break from making content. I still had so much to do before even attempting some of the Christmas content I had planned. Christmas came and gone, then the new year. There was never anymore breaks for me before the MV Awards began. January so far has been my most productive month, content wise, I pretty much averaged a video a day after all the stuff I cranked out for the MV Awards. I never took a break.

 My mental burn out was growing worse before I could even realize. I was ignoring signs that my mental burn out was becoming more physical. First my bad headaches, shoulder, then my feet, later down the road after other things it affected my stomach, which now tells me I need to take an actual break, I need to actually try to take care of myself more. Things got really scary and painful this past week, I will spare the details but I believe I have learned my lesson.

 Pretty much starting now I am going to try to take more time to myself. Im going to NOT push myself harder for once.  Some things may change some may not. I will be giving myself off days for once, and not just the off week once a month BS Ive been doing for months now. I will take real days off, PLANNED days off.

 I will be 80% giving up my vanilla work. It has become too physically taxing on me.

 As for Patreon, there will be a delay with the releases for Feb. but it will not be later than the 14th.

 ManyVids will stay the same, I encourage my panty buyers to opt for the custom vid option than just the adding a basic vid.

 I will soon spend some time on MyGirlFund so I can start doing more laid back stuff than just constantly doing things.

 I hope everyone can understand and can please respect my time. Even as I write this I am fighting a pounding headache from all the stress this weekend has caused me. My body feels like I have been in a marathon, I just feel like complete shit. So I need to take some ME time for once.

 (TL;DR: I am burnt out physically + mentally. I will stop ignoring my body's signs. I am taking a break from pushing myself. Some stuff will be delayed but not too much. I feel like complete shit. Please do not ignore your body.)

Kiss kiss meow!
Kitty <3 p="">

*If you would like to help make things less stressful you can help by buying my already made videos on or sending money directly ($KittyMoon or ) I offer many options and ways to lend a hand, just DM me to discus things.*

Monday, January 7, 2019

MV Awards 2019!

The 2019 ManyVids Awards are here!
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Here are my categories + rewards!

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