Monday, November 20, 2017

Christmas (Requested)

I was asked daily for the longest time by someone to put something like this out so any wishlist or anything is easy to get to in one spot for Christmas... Lets just hope he isn't wasting my time. I know I have 1 or 2 wonderful people who will probably send me a gift (and I will gift them in return of course) but I honestly don't expect a whole lot.

Side note, if you want to see me unbox something for Christmas on video (it will be a free vid) feel free to send me a gift!

Here is (hopefully) all of the info needed to send gifts. I'm not picky at all so I am really easy to please. A gift card to King Soopers is even nice lol.

Where to send:
Kitty Moon
PO Box 616
Englewood, CO

For digital gifts like Google Wallet or Amazon GC:

To send money:$KittyMoon
(ABSOLUTELY No Venmo or PayPal)


Fund Me - Content Items
Adult Toys
Sexy Things To Wear
Home, Health, & Beauty
Photography Gear
Treats I Can Have
Nerdy Stuffs
Spoil My Fur Babies!!! - Feed My Lingerie Fetish!

Crystal Delights - Butt Stuffs

Lola Shoetique - because I have no shoes... size 10

Secrets In Lace - Stockings


Bad Dragon - Because I love fantasies too

Hot Topic - I like their accessories & underwear lol - Seriously, feed my lingerie fetish!

Kitten's Playpen - Pet Play Gear

Victoria's Secret - Because I never shop there


Best Buy

Joann - Got to get supplies some how

Exotic Nutrition - Got to spoil my babies too


iPod touch (blue) with "Imagine" engraved

Bookshelf - I kind of need 2..

I'm really open to anything. :)

Hope this gets someone off my back and they really are sending me a gift ;) lol

Kiss Kiss Meow!