Wednesday, December 19, 2018


My 2019 Goals

**- SW related only

  • Stay hydrated
  • Take needed vitamins/supplements
  • Workout, yoga, or something
  • Camera UPGRADE
  • And get new equipment (mic, tripods, etc.)
  • See my mom
  • Organize kitchen cabinets 
  • Meditate
  • Pap smear (Its been forever!)
  • Plan the much needed diet plan for health/gains
  • 2nd savings I hope to never touch or drain until I buy land or something major.
  • Make top 100 on MV!!**
  • Take better care if my hair (ie more DIY treatments, new scissors)
  • Re-pot my aloe plant
  • Finally buy that new cookware I've been talking about needing since 2016
  • 800+ credit score (dying laughing)
  • Sleep better
  • Try to eat 1 serving of fruit and veggies, each.
  • Average $1k/month MINIMUM from SW (barely getting $500)**
  • The tattoo I've been wanting for 10 years
  • Create something non-SW related at least once a month
  • Braces (possibly invisalign)
  • Actually stock up on essentials so I don't always run out
  • Less pointless inconveniences 
  • Average more than 4 hrs of sleep a night 
  • Make a routine or schedule
  • Finally replace my make up with stuff that's not old or that I am allergic too...

Added after publishing this blog

  • Camper trailer due to move

COMPLETED/Removed due to moving
  • Fully convert my spare room into my "dressing" room** (removed)
  • Let go of some clutter (books, mags, some collectibles, odds/ends) (COMPLETE)
  • Paint an accent wall to break up the blue-gloom-gray walls (removed)
  • Work on projects (I still have the rocks I collected for my project) (removed)
  • Give myself a little hangout area in the backyard (removed)
  • Somehow recycle despite my shitty trash service (removed)
  • Renovate** (removed)
  • New kitchen appliances (very doubtful) (removed)
  • Have at least one alternative filming area** (removed)
  • Fix up bathroom (new towel rack, replace lights, new curtain, etc.) (removed)
  • Fully update all my clip sites** (COMPLETE)

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